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From: J. R. Molloy (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 13:32:04 MDT

From: "Eugene Leitl" <>
> Does this mean your severed head on life support is not you?

Think about it. __Whose__ severed head would it be?

> Or, with less drama, if you went paragliding, and fractured your C6
> vertebra, thus severing any direct (anything hormonal would lack the
> bandwidth) neural connection to your "second brain", you'd become someone
> else?

You know better than that.

> (I don't disagree that you need as much context as can get, but as you
> well know, a whole body is not only more expensive than a neuro, but is
> also paid by a neuro of less quality. Given that you *know* there is some
> heavy information erasure going on in your noggin while it is being
> neuropreserved, are you really willing to risk more brain damage for a
> very dubious hypothesis?).

Definitely not! I'd sooner invest in Eliezer's neighborly golem than in

> How much braindamage would you be willing to tolerate for perserving your
> appendix?

Well, obviously the appendix is an entirely different matter, since it is
completely expendable.

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