Re: Guaranteed income (was capitalist religion)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 12:11:10 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:
> At 11:30 AM 7/22/01 -0700, Lee wrote in response to:
> Mike Lorrey 's
> >
> >> For example, schools at all levels could entirely finance themselves and
> >> provide equal educations to all if they instituted a system whereby
> >> contracted students received educations in exchange for a guaranteed
> >> percent of the individual graduates future income that goes to the
> >> school directly, instead of through multiple layers of government
> >> bureaucracy. ;...]
> >> Schools could easily contract with insurance companies to guarantee its
> >> graduates make their remittances, thus eliminating the need for
> >> government in the equation entirely.
> >What a great idea!
> Hey, I've had an even niftier notion! Say *everyone who's ever been to
> school* and is *already* earning money pays into a pool that's distributed
> to *today's* schools, *now*! That way, instead of having to wait for their
> graduates to find work sometime in the future and pay them then (those who
> manage to find a job, anyway), the schools would get funds immediately!
> And to save on the excessive costs of all those different insurance
> companies, with their wasteful duplication of effort, how about paying
> *into one big fund* that's overseen by representatives *chosen by all those
> people paying in*!
> Oh, wait--

Oh, wait -- is right. The bigger the fund, the more layers of wasteful
oversight are needed to make sure nobody is wasting or, heavens forfend,
*stealing* the money, the more that is wasted.

Mikes simple solution: You apply to work at company A, or start a
business, company A, where you need references to give to potential
employers/lenders/investors to certify your ability to do what you said
you can do. One of these is your educational history, where you list the
schools you've attended, taken courses at, and/or graduated from. In
order to get them to admit to third parties that your reference of them
is accurate, you must sign a contract with the employer/lender/investor
and your educational institutions that $x or x% of your earnings will go
to those institutions, thus it is automatically deducted from your pay
and paid directly to your school. You could, theoretically, get an
employer/investor to pay off your debt to your school in one lump sum as
a condition of employment, etc. thus making them a stockholder in your
future earnings. Far more direct, far simpler, and no reason to give
thugs an excuse to stick a baton up your bumhole. Eliminate the

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