Re: FW: G8 (a report from a friend who was there)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 10:53:25 MDT

This is the standard sort of manufactured propaganda message these
groups post, fabricating much and exaggerating even more, writing in a
semantically inflammatory way. I've attended protests here in the US by
these groups and seen these posts afterward, claiming all sorts of
police atrocities that never happened. In instances where police got
physical, it was only after some of the most vicious and violent baiting
I have ever seen done. What would you do if you had 1000 people yelling
and screaming in your face, calling you all sorts of things, insulting
everything about you and your family and your profession, spitting and
throwing rotten food at you from a few feet away, and you had to sit
there and take it for hours on end???? Frankly, I'm disgusted with the
protesters, they deserve whatever the police throw at them, the way they

The behavior of the protesters as I've described is INTENTIONAL, btw. It
is a standard tactic taught at protest boot camps like those run by the
Ruckus Society and other groups. Their entire purpose is to push the
police to the point where the police strike back in self defense and
frustration. Once one incident occurs, they then run rumors down the
line of women getting beaten, raped, etc etc etc.

Similarly, the protest organizers pass around drugs to protesters that
are mood altering: pot with high THC and low CBD levels, mushrooms and
other hallucinogens. Use of these substances is well documented to be
effective as battle drugs (they were used against the British
successfully at a key battle against the Zulu in the 19th century,
wiping out a superior force with nothing but clubs and spears, and drug
crazed warriors). The use of these drugs helps to raise up the battle
fever among protesters.

Leonardo Gonzalez wrote:
> I thought this might be of interest to you all...
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> Hello-
> The last few days have been very intense and eye
> opening. I am in Genova where many people from around
> the world have shown up to peacefully demonstrate
> against the Fascist G8. The news you will hear in the
> US will most likely be very distorted and I think you
> should know what really went on.

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