Re: Nano Forbes and Underdeveloped Nazis

Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 07:18:22 MDT

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<< Likewise, those of us who cautiously upload,
 and prudently run lots of more primitive versions of ourselves
 in the background, will leave far behind the Amish, or even those
 that have a less burning desire to become more intelligent.
 Thus disparity (and diversity) will increase.
 Lee >>
But not necessarily, more suffering, more frustration, more envy. Its just
that the human species clades-off, all the better to colonize what may be an
"intellectually" dead universe. Contrary to the science fiction of the day,
interstellar space will not be habitated by dreamy-eyed farm lads. It takes a
heap o' technology, to make an interplanetary or interstellar home. I was
reading Larry Niven's recent Destiny's Road, yesterday, and had to stop.
Yokels making it on another world around another sun are charming, but less
plausible then in days of old.

Getting back to the uploads, issue; I suspect that if there is a chance at
brain replacement surgery (as suggested by astrophysicist Michael Hart)
people will hearken to this quicker, until the bugs get tested out of some
neural net that will be the repository for a "decanted" human personality.
Why I feel this may be so is because the philosophical, ship of Theseus
(parts get replaced, now is this the same ship?), is at least, this is an
older conceptual problem. At any rate that's what opinions are for, and the
wild, woolly, ways of the world rule, not I. Which would you chose if you
could, brain replacement or the net, 1st?


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