RE: Guaranteed income (was capitalist religion)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 06:30:58 MDT

Damien writes
Damien writes

> Mike Lorrey 's
> >> For example, schools at all levels could entirely finance themselves and
> >> provide equal educations to all if they instituted a system whereby
> >> contracted students received educations in exchange for a guaranteed
> >> percent of the individual graduates future income that goes to the
> >> school directly,

> Hey, I've had an even niftier notion! Say *everyone who's ever been to
> school* and is *already* earning money pays into a pool that's distributed
> to *today's* schools, *now*! That way, instead of having to wait for their
> graduates to find work sometime in the future and pay them then (those who
> manage to find a job, anyway), the schools would get funds immediately!
> Oh, wait--

Yup, you forgot about the voluntary nature of Mike's contracts,
and that taxation is involuntary. Nice try, though :-)


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