Re: Amazon attempts to become a PORTAL

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 22:46:04 MDT

Typo corrections...

"might" fit an extropian profile, but none are sufficiently doubt
resistant that I can make "case closed" assertion.
                         ^...a strong

Ground: The Inside Story of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Race"
in which a few people actually people died, and the 2nd richest

Gotta try to be self-correcting or I'm sure the list editors
will mis-mail the corrections to the list for me... :-;

One thing I forgot to mention is that Greg has a clear opportunity
here. First create a list of radical techno-genetic-meme trashing
books then as a counterpoint create a list of logical-practical
anti-luddite books. Given how Amazon is cleverly linking the
list overlaps to each other, it is going to have to tweek people's
meme-sets if they investigate carefully and discover him as
the author of both lists. Or he could create two identities:
"Greg Burch" and "Greg Anti-Burch" and then list them
as "Amazon Friends"...

Of additional note -- Amazon is conducting a "great experiment"
in meme-sharing *and* reputation-building probably previously
untested in the history of the human race (100,000+ "reviewers"!)
Now the interesting thing will be whether they decide to taint it
by attempting to make money off of it (e.g. Book or list authors
can put spin control on their inclusion/order for $$$)...

Also of interest is discovering that one frequent Extro-list
contributor has an Amazon "wish-list". It gave me a lot of pleasure
today to knock a few items off the list.


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