Re: Guaranteed income (was capitalist religion)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 00:44:52 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:
> Samantha writes
> > Spike Jones wrote:
> >
> >> Those who had public education are welcome to counterexample,
> >> but my notion is that public schools encourage joining the ranks
> >> of the corporation, the joys of a 9 to 5 etc, but do not really help in
> >> giving one the skills and values of an entrepreneur or an innovator.
> >> The private schools do this better.
> >
> > Dunno. I mainly sat in the back and read science fiction. :-)
> > Now and then I would look up long enough to see what they were
> > working on if it was a class like math.... Then I would go
> > back to my book. I would take the tests and generally ace them
> > when I cared about the subject but almost never did homework.
> Samantha, you are quite brilliant. But a number of times you have
> seemed to react to a general statement about people, like Spikes,
> as if everyone were like you. For example, some of your intuitions
> about how a guaranteed minimal income would work appear to be based
> on how you would react to it.
> Lee

I can see how you might get that. But the rest of the post in
question does tell about how schools as they have been (public
anyway) tend to dumb down everyone, brilliant or not, as a
matter of policy.

On being "brilliant", I think it is either something more people
can be trained to or that we will quite soon know how to make
everyone just as brilliant in terms of general intelligence
(whatever exactly that turns out to be) as could be wished. Of
course, having them freely choose to get brighter is another
quesiton entirely.

- samantha

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