FW: G8 (a report from a friend who was there)

From: Leonardo Gonzalez (magos@extropian.net)
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 21:49:41 MDT

I thought this might be of interest to you all...

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 The last few days have been very intense and eye
opening. I am in Genova where many people from around
the world have shown up to peacefully demonstrate
against the Fascist G8. The news you will hear in the
US will most likely be very distorted and I think you
should know what really went on. 300,000 people from
drop the debt, anti globalization and socialist
support groups all began peacefully protesteing- the
60,000 armed police were out of control: tear gass was
sprayed everywhere- for no purpose except to break up
the protesters, there was an information center where
people could go and get free water,food and info , the
police invaded and took 60 people away where they
violently beat them up for 2 hours, (this was after
the protest ended) they are all in the hospital now. A
23 year old Italian boy was shot point blank by a 20
year old police officer who basically panicked and
lost his mind. After the murder the other Assassini
police put their truck in reverse and deliberately ran
over the body, over 300 people are in the hospital. I
was at the demonstration noone had any type of weapons
but the police were fully equipped with battons tear
gas and guns which they unjustly used. Police were
even pulling other police off of people, it was the
most horrible thing I have ever seen- while this was
happening in the streets the members of the G8 were on
a cruise ship drinking wine eating pasta and watching
economically challenged naked African women parade
around them for entertainment (they called it "art"
but if you could have seen these pictures you would
have all flipped out)- The consumption of Bush, Blair
and Berlusconi alone with in the past 2 days has a
monetary value which could feed a small 3rd world
country I am sure. The last 2 days in Genova has been
a true war of the classes, Bush referred to the
protesters as an "unrepresentative minority which will
have no effect" and Berlusconi(Italian Prime minister
aka Fascist Bastarde) said he supported whatever the
police had to do to defend themselves. There was no
defense - just violence towards peaceful people
marching for equality and rights of the working
class. I was so niave and now I am still a bit
shocked- i mean i know many police are violent,
ignorant and abuse their power- but what I saw, heard
and experienced in the past two days is completely
beyond what i could have imagined-They are like nazis-
they dont have to take any responsibility for their
violent actions because they are supported by the
government so they have no problem with tear gassing
and shooting rubber bulletts at innocent, elderly,
people in wheelchairs, anyone- I saw them and i
honestly believe they enjoyed it- they would totally
provoke people- it was so evil, and the people in
power dont care at all- it is like we are
peasants-Things really need to change- I am very glad
I was hear. The turn out was amazing awareness is
spreading- At one point the G8 even discussed
cancelling the conference (Bush was the one who was
completely against it of course)- despite the violence
I believe a lot of good came out of this weekend.
Change is a process and ironically enough the behavior
of the police has opened more peoples eyes to the
importance of a revolution. I have been on an
emotional roller coaster the past 48 hours- the
collaboration and unity of people from numerous
organizations around the world coming together because
they care about our future was so beautiful, but then
the ruthless violence of the police, and the apathy
of the G8 who were right there and could care less
made me so upset, and the boy, and the sweet old man
in front of me in a wheel chair that I lost sight of
when we haD to run up the stairs- . It was atrocious
- our world is a mess My animosity towards police
brutality and imperialism has grown exponentially. I
am reading leave Genova and still processing
everything- I have a lot more info if anyone is
interested please let me know, and please let others
know what really happened if the media has produced
innacurate info. any way I am really tired, And
looking fowrd to going to Florence tonight- I hope all
of you are well- Spain was awesome I saw a great musiv
festivel, visited the alhambra and much more to tell
but not now- I miss you all and can not wait to see
you at burning man (maybe this year they can make the
man to model bush)- I love hearing from you all
  take care and be well

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