Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: Tiberius Gracchus (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 10:40:59 MDT

On Sun, 22 Jul 2001 08:40:38 -0700, you wrote:

>> Carlos Gonzalia wrote: Our local protesters sometimes make
>> explicit mention to those organizations in their protests, but are usually
>> more concerned in getting their displeasure be known to the local
>> establishment and oligopolies. That is, to the guys that have reaped the
>> spoils of IMF/WB/etc policies. ...-Carlos
>Carlos, why do the locals have a problem with the guys who reap
>the spoils of the IMF/WB policies? Seems like they would be in
>favor of these guy because they bring jobs and money into the
>neighborhood. What am I missing? spike

Maybe they don't want to turn Italy into another America: just a
bunch of hamsters spinning madly on a wheel in some rich man's cage...
(I'm exaggerating, of course, but there is some truth to that...)

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