Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: Carlos Gonzalia (
Date: Sun Jul 22 2001 - 00:35:24 MDT

>From: "Technotranscendence" <>
>At the same time, where are the protests in the Third World? Why are First
>Worlders protesting over this? (I know the stated reasons and, truth be
>told, I'm against the WTO, World Bank, and IMF, but because these are
>interventions by the governments in the market.:)

Well, for some of us in 3rd World countries "globalization" is a fait
accompli since quite some years now. Our local protesters sometimes make
explicit mention to those organizations in their protests, but are usually
more concerned in getting their displeasure be known to the local
establishment and oligopolies. That is, to the guys that have reaped the
spoils of IMF/WB/etc policies. Of course, for the most part we don't make
the news in the big media, even when the protests go bad (a quite common
occurrence) and you have both lootings and violence by the radicalized
worker sectors, and also trigger happy lunatics in the security forces
controlling the protests. In Argentina, indiscriminate use of live ammo to
"disperse protests" is not unusual. Of course, innocents have died, and no
guilty parties have ever been found, even less indicted. A new phenomenom has
been noted in some recent protests, too: snipers taking on the security forces.
Considering the current economical situation, I think we are bound to see
a lot of violence on both sides, and deaths due to it, become a common thing.


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