RE: capitalist religion (standing up for Miriam)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 18:39:29 MDT

Hi everyone, sorry for barging in like this, but I do want
to say that it should be very well understood that neither
Miriam nor any of the others on this list who have been
posting recently are opposed to capitalism. They are not
opposed to capitalism.

They merely believe that in some cases governments must
regulate businesses (I actually favor a tiny bit of reg-
ulation myself), and that governments should also provide
a safety net for people (I myself think that when we are
rich enough, yes we should). THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS
BEING ANTI-CAPITALIST (not that I anyone I know of is so
construing, but then, I don't have a very good memory).
Miriam and others probably agree with this Churchillian
paraphrase: "Capitalism is a very bad economic system with
many shortcomings, except when compared to all the others".

Note to Miriam: don't worry, I wasn't offended :-) about
the nazi remark. You naturally feel a little beleagured
under the circumstances. Remain calm. You're among friends!


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