Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: scerir (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 16:26:38 MDT

Mike Lorrey
> The individual 'shot' was a person who tossed a fire extinguisher
> through the back window of a police vehicle that had people in it. For
> all the occupants knew, the protester was tossing in a bomb or a molotov
> cocktail. Additionally, he was not killed by shooting, when the
> occupants of the vehicle fled the vehicle in fear of the 'extinguisher'
> blowing up, the vehicle, which was in reverse, drove itself over the
> protester. I'd say this is a Darwin Award nominee.

Unfortunately he was killed by that bullet (as coroner now reports).
But the problem is this: the policeman (carabiniere) who was driving
and the other who was shooting (twice) are charged with murder.

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