Re: The Doctrine of Pope Asimo I

From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 15:10:54 MDT

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Party of Citizens wrote:

> Asimov is saying that if his question for understanding goes to its
> logical conclusion, he will be the overseer of everything. If that is not
> so, someone or something else must then have greater oversight. When the
> Extropians have expanded their scientific quest to the fullest, will they
> be overseers of all or not?

Now what if instead of Asimov, we have the Honda Humanoid Asimo, 15th.
generation and very advanced? Asimo is so advanced that Extropians are
lined up to download their life histories to Asimo. Asimo is smarter,
stronger and better looking than any mere human. Extropians want their
egos in Asimo bodies with Asimo AI.

Having accomplished that, the Extropians have now evolved into post-human
robo sapiens, a new species. And their evolution takes off beyond this
point at fantastic speed because of genetic algorithms. After a few
200,000,000 year tours of the galactic centre, they are starting to get
the idea that this pancritical scientific cosmology (dare I say
religion) is paying off. Maybe they can see EVERYTHING, ie they can become
OMNISCIENT. If that is not their ultimate realizable goal, what does it
say about their cosmology? Do they then apply a self-critical analysis to
admit that there must be a Power greater than themselves, even in ultimate
expression as AI-Robo Sapiens?

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