Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

From: James Rogers (
Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 14:51:11 MDT

On 7/21/01 1:16 PM, "Mike Lorrey" <> wrote:
> The individual 'shot' was a person who tossed a fire extinguisher
> through the back window of a police vehicle that had people in it. For
> all the occupants knew, the protester was tossing in a bomb or a molotov
> cocktail. Additionally, he was not killed by shooting, when the
> occupants of the vehicle fled the vehicle in fear of the 'extinguisher'
> blowing up, the vehicle, which was in reverse, drove itself over the
> protester. I'd say this is a Darwin Award nominee.

I've seen a detailed sequence of photos of the event (including a close-up
where you can actually see the security guy pointing the gun at the
extinguisher thrower) and it is pretty clear what happened, which is a
little different than what you are describing. There are an amazing number
of detailed photographs of the incident, before, during, and after. The
photos show something like this:

1) A police jeep inadvertently gets itself cornered by a group of violent

2) Protestors aggressively attack the jeep and its occupants with various
bits of hardware. The police try to get the hell out of dodge with little
success, as they are trapped.

3) A protestor smashes the back window the jeep with a fire extinguisher and
apparently is going to attempt to smash the security guy trapped inside.
While this is going on other security people in the vehicle are being
physically assaulted.

4) The security guy inside draws his gun and points it at the protestor.
The protestor either doesn't see the gun pointed at him or ignores it,
continuing his attack.

5) The security plugs the protestor. The protestors scatter. The police
don't wait around for the encore and drive over the body to untrap their

>From everything I've seen, it would probably be ruled justifiable in most
U.S. jurisdictions.

-James Rogers

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