Re: NEWS: Genoa riots

Date: Sat Jul 21 2001 - 14:18:12 MDT

Well this cuts into the question of whether paranoiac fears are valdi none
the less. The Bilderburger Meeting (though focused on by quacks and cranks)
in Germany, may have more actual validity, the the G-8 schmucks; who must
still answer to voters. Bilderburgers are the groups of millionaires,
billionaires, intellectuals, and politicians, who meet every few years at the
Bilderburg Hotel-Resort in Germany. To me, these fellows, have more influence
on public policy and are definitivly, removed from resposibility to anyone.
It might be interesting to see who may be behind the anarchists (if anyone)
attempting to disrupt, what are essentially, Public Relations, meetings
conducted by heads of state. "How can we look good to our constituency?"


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<< One of the effects of this is of course an increase in distance between
 the public and the elected. Security is beefed up, meetings are held
 discreetly or in secret and getting access to information is hindered.
 Lovely if you are a technocrat or elitist.
 Anders Sandberg Towards Ascension! >>

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