Cryonics Over Dead Geeks' Bodies

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 09:35:29 MDT

Article in Wired Online about Heather Pringle's _The Mummy Congress_:,1284,45188,00.html

A quote:

When she began to research the chapter on modern mummification, she visited
cryogenic labs, expecting to find that the client list would include "your
new-age crowd, people with strange ideas about the body and soul and maybe
with bizarre beliefs about immortality and eternity. Kind of a well-heeled
version of the folks who believe Elvis lives."

But Pringle said that when she really thought about it, geeks on ice made
perfect sense.

"The Silicon Valley crowd has an enormous faith in technology and the
science of progress," she said. "They believe that you can conquer just
about any problem if you throw enough money and technology after it -- so
why not immortality?"

Pringle also noted that "unlike many of us," tech-oriented people actually
welcome the future and wouldn't mind living in it.

... but she does come off as a bit dimissive of computer people.

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