Re: go interceptors!

From: John Clark (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 22:17:03 MDT

James Rogers <> Wrote:

> While ground radar does the work for the initial launch (e.g. Pointing it in
> the right general direction), the guidance and control systems are *much*
> more sophisticated than you suggested.

If it's so wonderful why did the debris from just one lousy warhead give the radar
a nervous breakdown?

>Spoofing state-of-the-art American guidance technology with decoys and
>whatnot is very, very difficult.

Then why did the military insist that the test decoy by round and not cone shaped
like the real warhead and like any self respecting enemy decoy would? And why
did they insist there be only one decoy?

>The ABM systems will most certainly not be shooting down beer cans.

Baloney, it thought all the harmless debris from the warhead, debris no more
sophisticated than a beer cans, was important, so important it tried to keep
track of ever bit of in until it was overwhelmed with data and crashed. This was
one rocket fired by people who did everything they could think of to make
it easy for the system. And they claim this piece of junk will be ready to be
deployed in 2 years in the real world! it's ridiculous.

    John K Clark

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