re: Top Questions About Transhumanity

From: John M Grigg (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 17:02:30 MDT

Natasha wrote:
>What have you been asked lately?

Since returning home from Extro-5 I have been asked by friends and family about what I learned at the conference regarding cryonics! lol They all had falsely assumed ExI was a cryonics organization. I have had to repeatedly explain to them that it is not.

Generally, I mention this list or the conference very casually and then I get asked what the "extropians" are about. I explain it is a group of generally ordinary people from all over the world who online and in conferences discuss how advancing technologies like nanotech(usually I have to stop and very briefly explain nano), A.I., and biotech can positively transform our world. Sometimes I also bring up the singularity if I think the person can handle it.

The response I usually get is, "cool, yes, I also think these technologies will really change things!" I have even given out the ExI URL on occasion and explained about the mailing list. I did this with a philosophy professor at my local college, but I don't know if he has acted on it yet.

I find sharing about ExI and transhumanism is MUCH easier then bringing up cryonics. And with extropianism first introduced, I can later on bring up cryonics as an extreme life-extension measure some transhumanists decide to use.

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