RE: capitalist religion

From: Trask, Robert E (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 10:12:23 MDT

> There are some people who just don't care much about their health - they smoke, drive drunk, blow their cortical vessels with cocaine, and then come to depend on public largesse for treatment and other support, without ever paying a dime into the pool of insurance money. I would have no compunction about letting them rely on private charity for their needs.
But perhaps they die quicker thus not putting as much a burden on 'the system'.

> But then, there are other people, those who you are probably thinking about - the nice, hard-working, regular folks, who sincerely want to pay but just happen to make too little money for full insurance, after paying for food, rent, utilities, kids' college fund. I am willing to help them, to some extent, and to support the use of governmental oppression to force other citizens to help, too.
But they have enough money for three tv's, full cable, week-long vacations to Disney World - perhaps they linger on and on - and for what?

Is it still worth it?

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