Re: the meme war

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Thu Jul 19 2001 - 09:03:43 MDT

Spike asked about snappy phrases: Take a look at "Primo"! Also, on my web
sites, I have a bunch of them.

Here are some memes which have spread across the planet through art. When
I designed
Primo 3M+ as an ad for a superlongevity and a future body design, it's
purpose is memetic engineering. Ads are probably one of the best ways to
influence cultural thinking. So far, these phrases have been written in
German, Italian, French, Swedish, Polish and Hungary, etc.

So cool, it's cryo

Backup yourself, not just your computer

Life - the eternal tune-up

Superlongevity - the choice of future generations

Flex the mind, flex the body

Ageless thinking

Seamless fusion of body and technology

Evolve at the speed of technology

Guaranteed Against Genetic Defects

Replacement body on request

Progress2 Transhumanity (the 2 is a squared symbol)

Turbocharged Optimism!

(symbol for stop) Death


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