RE: the meme war

From: Reason (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 23:40:07 MDT

I have to say this -- any movement that wants to succeed in making itself
known in the first world absolutely must have bumper stickers, badges and
t-shirts. Seriously. I've been dashing off slogans for the Longevity Meme
here and there for a while...

It's like you don't exist for a whole section of humanity unless you're
validated by the independant existance of a bumper sticker. So:
transhumanism bumper stickers. It should be a higher priority than everyone
would like it to be.


> Extropianism and transhumanism have no snappy little phrases
> to counterbalance the kinds of examples given above. Do we?
> How about:
> * stem cells are potential replacement organs
> * genetic engineering feeds starving children
> * the singularity is our only hope
> * nanotech is our only hope
> * greenhouse schmeenhouse
> * freeze today, thaw tomorrow
> * cryonic suspension is the second worst fate possible
> Etc. As you can see, these dont have the punch of the
> previous set of examples. I can use some help from
> the great collective extro-mind. spike

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