Re: HUMOR: How hot is it in Hell?

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 03:57:02 MDT

There is also the calculation based on lakes of brimstone suggesting an
upper bound of 445 degrees celsius (although that assumes sea level
pressure). (

However, the energy stored as heat in Hell bends spacetime. The total
mass-energy in a spherical uncharged non-rotating Hell of radius R is
4 Pi R^3 k T / 3. If the mass is greater than c^2 R / 2 G Hell will
collapse into a black hole; since everything in this case will be crushed
in the final singularity after a finite proper time this will contradict
the assumption of Hell as eternal damnation, and we can conclude that
R^2 T < 3 c^2 / 8 Pi k G. Hence Hell will have to shrink at higher

Assuming T to be 700 K, I get an upper bound of Hell's radius as 1.289e23
meters. This is roughly 14 million light years. If we assume a Dantean hell
of the same size as Earth, the maximum temperature is 5.4e17 K, far above
the electroweak unification temperature.

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