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> If you see the economy as an ecosystem, then government interference in it
> is like strip mining. Why would you not, also, see the government as a

Good analogy. In fact, big government may be the manifestation of the
same fatal flaw, that inability to let things just sort themselves
out, that causes us to also f*ck up the environment and then pour
money into 'preserving' it. I wonder if the ecotopia built by
governments would be as absurd as the economies they've tried to

I agree that the medical industry would be better off with less
regulation, but there must be an open, public accreditation standard
that is controlled by the consumers-- a combination of standardized
exams for practitioners and summaries of what has been observed about
the effects of every existing drug and intervention in a language
readable by the lay public. This can be a private effort, and a
money-making one at that, in the same way that Consumer Reports makes
money and ePinions hopes to someday make money. One doesn't even need
to wait for the government to get out of the way for such an
independent accreditation and information entity to exist. In fact,
there are probably a number of publishing companies already positioned
to do this, and just haven't yet got the clue that there's a potential
niche for them in disintermediating the existing medical hegemony
(maybe when they notice that profits from static content aren't adding
up as quickly as they used to...).

So, I'm hereby (re)injecting this idea into the memespace hoping
somebody picks it up and runs with it (it's hard to prove anything,
but it appears that this does happen on this list now and then).

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