"OH MY GOD -NOT!!!" The "Jesus" website!

From: John M Grigg (starman125@lycos.com)
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 23:04:24 MDT

Hello everyone,

I found the "official" website of Jesus while surfing the net! He happens to live in the Washington D.C. area and is looking for a good woman to share his life with! His reading list even has some extropian classics on it! And did you know Jesus loves German industrial music, supports the NRA, and is even pro-choice? You also get to learn about his sensual side...

This is a very well-designed and fleshed out site(what would you expect from Jesus!) and some real intelligence and humor went into it. He has a well done FAQ which helps to explain where he is coming from. You can even get the official Jesus credit card with various pics(classic Jesus, cool Jesus, sensual Jesus,etc.) to choose from.

This website did make me chuckle in places, but then I realized this fellow is guilty of blasphemy. And so if this were another age I would really feel compelled to burn him at the stake.

to check it out go to ...



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