Re: regarding the YINYANG post on extropians

From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 16:37:59 MDT

Do you speak for all extropians? Are you the Extropian Pope? I personally
want any religion which cannot prove its claims to be put out of business
and in general I have the utmost CONTEMPT of organized religions of this
world as parasitic and socially deleterious rackets which should be put
out of operation under RICO laws. In that belief I make every attempt to
be unprejudiced and non-discriminating. For example, when the Falun Gong
leader proves he can levitate as those videos say, the Chinese authorities
should take note and perhaps that would end their prosecution of this
particular religion racket...thence upgraded to proven practice.

Therefore I would welcome any religion to come forward and tell us
about a "way of life" in a "city plan" which would prove itself worthy of
one of those faith-based public works grants states-side.


On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Brian Phillips wrote:

> POC,
> Do us all a favour and don't interject
> Taoist concepts into the conversation
> like that. Some of the transhumanists
> on the list (like myself) who have serious
> yogic practices and actually consider themselves
> Taoist find this sort of thing ..well immature
> and really uneccessary.
> Aplying fundamental descriptors of physical
> objects to abstract ideas (neccessarily flawed)
> is the sort of New Agish superficiality real
> seekers loathe. I don't want to compound
> error my starting a thread on-list..but the
> YinYang is something you should study
> more before making superficial comments
> about....
> regards,
> Brian

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