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Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 11:40:22 MDT

Hey stop picking on seattle!

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> Technotranscendence <> Wrote:
> > Why the focus on a land invasion
> I don't believe I did.
> >Defensive technology was doing fine until about 1918
> Castles and forts stopped being important long before then.
> >If, e.g., Iraq or Serbia had the US level of technological and
> >development would the recent wars with them have turned out the same?
> Of course not, and we would have been fools to start a war with such a
> > Let's talk about a more realistic example. Suppose Norh Korea were
> > launch three or four nuclear armed missles at the US's West Coast,
> > targetting Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.
Stopping one
> > of those missles would save one city from any immediate damage.
> In the cold war people said we don't have to worry about a suitcase H bomb
> Russia because the Russians haven't invented the suitcase yet. It was a
joke, and
> so are the reasons I've heard to justify Star Wars. If North Korea wanted
to kill us
> and they had The Bomb why on earth would they send it to us with a ICBM
and not a
> UPS? An ICBM is expensive, harder to make than The Bomb and everybody
> where it was launched from. UPS is cheap, easy, and nobody will know where
> came from, all they'll know is that Seattle no longer exists.
> John K Clark

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