Religion, Science, Philosophy and Transhumanism

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 08:10:00 MDT

    Here is my contribution to the religion debate:

The paper explores the old chestnut of the 'problem of evil', viz., that the
existence of evil in this world contradicts the idea that there is an
omniscient, omnipotent and morally perfect God. I argue that transhumanism
is the only solution for theists to this paradox.
    Although it is completely irrelevant to the soundness of my argument, I
should point out that I am not a Christian. On the other hand, I don't
intend the paper as a cynical exercise. The paper is part of a larger
project where I am examining the claims of various disciplines in their
pursuit of wisdom. For example, I argue in the following that transhumanism
is the logical conclusion of the scientific pursuit of knowledge:
I reach the same conclusion concerning philosophy's attempt to pursue wisdom
A final paper on art will complete the set. The subtext here is that if
friends of these various disciplines share the same ultimate goal, namely,
transhumanism, then we ought to bracket our residual differences.

Comments welcome. Cheers, Mark.

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