Re: go interceptors!

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 01:53:56 MDT

Justin Corwin <> Wrote:

>if a rifle could shoot another bullet out of the air, i would be pretty
>impressed with it, even in a staged arena.

I'd be impressed too, it would be a wonderful show. What would it
have to do with defending your land against an enemy army? Zilch.

>defensive technology has lagged behind offensive tech since crossbows went
>through medieval armor.

I agree, I wish it were different but that's the way it is and I see no signs of that
changing for the better. H bombs are just too big, too numerous, and too cheap,
there is no defense against them.

>nukes are expensive,

Nukes are dirt cheap, during the cold war there were about 100,000 on this small
planet and there could be that many again or more if this idiotic star wars thing gets built.

>blowing one up is a big reduction in enemy asset

Not so, most H bombs would just shake the charred bones and rubble around anyway.
If 99.9% fail to reach their target it doesn't matter, .1% is more than enough to kill a nation,
any nation. The defense must be virtually 100% perfect or it's not worth building.
Conclusion: it's not worth building.

    John K Clark

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