RE: The Extropian Religious War--thank you

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 16:07:26 MDT

Party of Citizen say

> Ahhh grasshoppers, how can rationality be complete without
> irrationality? How can that which is be complete without
> that which is not? How can the yin be complete without the yang?
> When you put the yin of rationality together with the yang of
> irrationality do you not get REALITY...the world which science
> observes? And is your science not incomplete without both?

Ah, so. Can there be intelligence without stupidity? Can
there be fullness without scarcity? And indeed, can there
be light without darkness? Well said!

Some of us make sense;
that is our role.
Some of us make nonsense;
that is their role.
Some wish for science;
others wish for obscurity.

All is complete under heaven, all is in balance.


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