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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sat Jul 14 2001 - 15:38:53 MDT

Party Of Citizens wrote:

>In Canada's case we have a Constitution in which we can find "...Whereas
>Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God...."

Being a former-Canadian, I remember balking at the pre-amble of the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (essentially, the Canadian
Constitution). However, after I thought about it for a little while, I
realized that like most things Canadian, the statement is rather ambiguous
in a tame sort of way. Note that the word "recognize" is used as opposed
to "affirm" or "uphold." In typical Trudeau fashion, the preamble can be
interpreted in a few ways. Also of note is the "founded upon" term. Just
because a nation is founded upon such principles doesn't mean that it needs
to maintain them indefinitely. What is a real shame is that the rest of
the Charter is equally ambiguous. If Canada's population was ten times the
size it is, the nation would be in a world of legal woes.

>Canada-USA increase by about 300,000 + 3,200,000 per year. I would like to
>see a faith-based public works project to build a model city plus
>surroundings on the Canada-US border. Maybe total population of about
>1,000,000. Let's see who can translate those principles and definitions
>into the reality of a habitat/lifestyle on this planet which is really
>first rate. "Faith without works is dead".

Better yet...let's see USA swallow the nation of Canada and immerse it with
its own constitution. At least the Western half wouldn't mind so much,
since there is such an unfair dichotomy between the views of the East and
that of the West. BC and Alberta (Calgary in particular) would benefit
greatly by incorporation into the United States, and the rest of Canada
would have more than enough resources to essentially continue without undue
hardship (other than a deflated economy...though that wouldn't be anything

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