Alcor and cryonics on Fox News this morning

From: Mark Galecki (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 21:12:19 MDT

Fox News I don't watch much, but it is between two CNN channels on my
satellite and so this morning while passing through it I heard "cryonics"
and had to stop. Maybe such occurences are so common now that it is of no
interest to note them, especially when in the past light cone, but still...

Twas a piece on Alcor, complete with suspension, head-in-a-box, dewars, and
Jim Halperin expounding on cryonics, and even showing his Alcor pendant - so
close one could see the red paint peeling off the letters. But the paint
lossage was the only negative point! - everything else I could see was very
positive and supportive.

Mark Galecki

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