Re: the Extropian War on Religion (was: the Extropian Religious War)

From: Party of Citizens (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 12:13:26 MDT

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, John M Grigg wrote:

> I realize I was indoctrinated at a young age(Catholic till age nine, then Mormon) and those memes are still lodged deep within me. Despite my interest in cryonics I would one day like to marry in a Mormon temple a woman of my faith. Of course finding a gal who is understanding of me could be very difficult...

And now you can be indoctrinated by the religion of Scientism,
Extropianism being the particular denomination. With your background you
should be able to analyze all this in terms of dogmas (by other names like
scientific premises or givens), catechism (religious questions and
answers) and even religious holydays like Galileo Day. The eternal
verities of Scientism are now offered in replacement for the eternal
verities of Mormonism, Roman Catholicism or whatever.

Yesterday I sent a lengthy backgrounder on the Bush faith-based
initiatives. If the adherents of Extropianism have such strong faith in
this being a better religion than the traditional ones they should apply
for faith-based grants. You can get that backgrounder from the
Life-Gazette archives if you want to prepare for a faith-based initiative.

"Let one hundred flowers bloom"


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