Re: Exi-Freedom is for gun discussions...

From: Greg Burch (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 06:40:54 MDT

[ . . . still on the run here, still skimming the list quickly . . . ]

For the record, Mike Lorry's post seems to be factually correct as a
recitation of the "list history" involved in the discussion of guns.

Thank you, Mike, for your efforts in maintaining a civil tone on the list.

Greg Burch
Vice-President, Extropy Institute

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Subject: Exi-Freedom is for gun discussions...

> As a note to new list members, a couple years ago, I created the
> exi-freedom email list at eGroups (now yahoogroups) for people who want
> to freely discuss ANY freedom enhancing technology, past, present, or
> future.
> This was in response to a call by Greg Burch to have a one month
> moratorium on posts containing any discussion involving the dreaded and
> scary word 'gun', [snip]
> For the record, gun topics have not been permanently banned outright
> from the extropians list. Max More and Greg Burch asked me, and I
> agreed, to encourage such discussions as they arise to move to the
> exi-freedom list, but there is not, nor has there been since that
> moratorium ended, a formal ban. [snip]
> Mike Lorrey

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