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From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 04:35:40 MDT

Natasha quoted and commented

>At 08:55 AM 7/13/01 +1000, Russell wrote:
> >I'd suggest the anniversary of the day that Galileo first turned his
> >telescope to the heavens in 1610.
>Yes, I like this thought very much.

Thanks, Natasha.

I can't quickly find a date when Galileo made his first astronomical
observations with the telescope. As far as I can work out from a quick look,
it may have been as early as December 1609.

One source I looked up says that his _Sidereus Nuncius_, which reported the
initial observations was available in Venice "by 13 March 1610". If we can't
come up with a better anniversary date, I'd go along with the suggestion of
12 March. Anyone else got a better fix on any of this?


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