Re: Debunking Synchronicity

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2001 - 02:54:07 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:

> What she and several others have defined here as 'spiritual' is not a
> new definition, it has always been an alternative/subset definition of
> the term, where you see 'spirit' in terms of 'elan', 'gumption', and
> 'empathy'. Supernatural need not apply. The extra-physical realm of
> circular unverifiable arguments that religion has retreated to in the
> modern age is simply a defense mechanism to protect a faulty belief set
> against the onset of logic and critical cross examination.

It is not "simply" any such thing. What is so physical about a
Matrioska brain that figures out how to recast at the femto
level or finally manages to fully controll and step around
space-time at will? At the least, it is a very different
"materialism" than most think about. That sort of Mind, acts
continuously to increase the utter subservience of the material
to the conscious and intellectual. Some consider this in terms
of spirit growing out of and utterly triumphing over the
material. At the least I would think that you can agree this is
no simple retreat or defense mechanism. It is a casting of what
we are about in different and perhaps more fruitful terms.

> A large part of the population is unable to develop the faculties for
> objective logic and cross examination, and in their blindness they
> develop weak ideas about the world they keep bumping into but cannot see
> for the lack of logical sight, while claiming that their theories are
> valid because their sense of touch is better than ours...

Do you think that applies to people like me?

> The universe is amazing, and we are frightfully small and
> inconsequential in it. Much of it we have yet to understand fully, but
> the lack of any true gopher holes in the landscape of our knowledge
> indicates that there likely is no Wonderland to reach from such
> non-existent gopherholes. That doesn't mean the view isn't fine from
> here.

The universe wondrously gives birth to us and is contained
within us, apprehended by us and we and the universe transform
together. Our landscape is full of gopher holes. Especially we
a Singularity we cannot even imagine or begin to grok staring us
in the face.

- samantha

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