Re: CONC Re: Sorry (in retrospect)

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 21:59:16 MDT

Miriam English wrote:
> Wow! This is a bit pitiful.
> Propagating the suspicion that was contrived is a sad comment on you guys.
> I would have thought it a bit beneath you.
> Sounds like McCarthy wanting people to allay suspicion of imaginary
> wrong-doings by making public declarations and incriminating others.

If you misread my comment as "propagating the suspicion that [it] was contrived", I can do nothing for you.

If you can spare the time, you might re-read the thread.

> > I'm not saying it was contrived,

And neither am I. The circumstances as they played out present some difficulties for some people, myself included. I
have no conclusion to draw regarding this unfortunate matter; I lack sufficient data. I would very much like to know
what list member, if any, acted in the obnoxious way described. I still don't. That bugs me.

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