Re: Debunk All Religiosity Equally (D.A.R.E.) ->Obfuscational incomprehensiblist?

From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 16:55:17 MDT

Mike says

>Frankly, I think that personal birthdays are the most important holiday.
>We should all have our own day off from work. Then there's Newtonmas, to
>comemmorate he who discovered gravity when he got beaned on the head by
>a decoration falling off of a heathen religious tree. Then there is that
>day in July, when the Three Wise and Brave Men walked on the moon. And
>that other day in July when a group of individuals told a fascist to go
>eff himself.

I'd suggest the anniversary of the day that Galileo first turned his
telescope to the heavens in 1610.


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