Re: Attn: Max More - Another Virulent Outbreak of the Me Macho HaveGun Meme

From: Joe Dees (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 14:50:27 MDT

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> Mike Lorrey <> Re: Attn: Max More - Another Virulent Outbreak of the Me Macho HaveGun MemeReply-To:
>Herb Martin wrote:
>> > Another Virulent Outbreak of the Me Macho Have Gun Meme
>> No. That is a -- poor -- assumption on your part.
>> It is an outbreak of the SELF-PROTECTION and FREEDOM genes
>> and memes.
>Herb, I suggest you ignore Joe Dees, we all do. Set up a filter that
>sends his stuff into your trashcan, so that it gets all the proper
>You see, he has this rather severe malady that involves pathological
>lying, and a rather severe case of hoplolingophobia: an irrational fear
>of the word 'gun'.
I own five of them, but agree with Max More that present (and rather primitive) personal weaponry is an inappropriate topic for a futuristic discussion list. He announced, on list, that although he was buying a gun, he considered the gun topic to be divisive, unrelational and counterprodictive, and pronounced it inappropriate for this forum - you can look it up in the archives, which will put the blatant bald-faced lie to Mikey's words, which are motivated by his obsessive-compulsive proselytize-firearm meme-thrall, yet again. What part of "go to exi-freedom" can these low-calibre luddites not understand?

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