SDI was Re: Expanding the "United States of America"

Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 14:35:17 MDT said:
> SDI is the only moral option for a libertarian society based on the
> premise of not initiating violence.

It might be the only moral option if it were plausibly shown to be
workable. At this point it is still mostly a massive costly boondoggle in
the making. The research done by Dave Redell of CPSR on the
(in)feasibility of building software that would achieve the necessary
claims of the SDI project are still the best reference on this subject.
Not being able to shoot a single missle out of the air in a fair trial is
one problem, but they also have to get their software to work correctly
every time in the first battle, without any reasonable arena for evolving
it into robustness beforehand.

To the extent that government spending on defense is defensible, I wouldn't
mind them continuing to spend money on research, but to talk about
deployment is outrageous.


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