Re: More signs and portents

From: Ken Clements (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 12:15:29 MDT

This sounds like a very interesting event, I wish I could attend. In fact,
I wish I could present a paper that covered all the changes that have
happened to all species over all of time. There is quite a mass of work
needed to stop evolution dead in its tracks. Particularly difficult work
needs to done to make sure that we do not loose any of the genetic diseases
we currently have. It is going to be a very big job to keep humans exactly
the same forever, so we need to start working on it RIGHT NOW.


"J. Hughes" wrote:

> A transhumanist presence at this event would be a needed balance, given
> the
> speaker list.
> ------------------------------
> Protecting Humanity from Species-Altering Procedures

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