effing the ineffable

From: hibbert@netcom.com
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 10:27:33 MDT

To revive a recent subject line, and speak in defense of those defending
spirituality, I'll mention something I do that I can't (and don't try to)
justify intellectually. I should mention for clarity that I am not in the
least religious.

I go rock climbing because it is fun. I enjoy the out-of-doors and the
challenge of pitting my physical body against the uncaring rocks. The
puzzle of finding routes described by those who have gone before me. The
sheer effort required to best gravity.

Occasionally people ask if I want to upload when it becomes possible, and
the answer is no. I want to enhance my mentality, but I don't want to
climb simulated mountains, I want to climb the real rocks, eroding, subject
to unpredictable weather, and requiring great effort to reach in some cases.


             C. J. Cherryh, "Invader", on why we visit very old buildings:
                         "A sense of age, of profound truths.  Respect for 
Chris Hibbert        something hands made, that's stood through storms and
hibbert@netcom.com   wars and time.  It persuades us that things we do may
                                                         last and matter."
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