Re: GEOLOGY/SETI: The moon and plate tectonics

Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 09:21:40 MDT

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> The Moon and Plate Tectonics: Why We Are Alone
>It discusses the fact that the glancing collision
>that produced the moon, in removing a significant
>fraction of the mantle & crust, may have served to enable
>plate tectonics which in turn enables the CO2 recycling
>that provides a stable environment for life to evolve.
>If accurate, this tends to increase the number of
>water worlds and decreases the locations where life
>may evolve.

Yes, but doesn't the article greatly overstate the case?:

>>It has become clear that our Moon is a rare celestial object

What about Charon? Double planets don't seem to be *that*
rare. 1 out of 4, once you discount the suggested observer

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