Re: The Extropian religious war

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 01:27:04 MDT

I dont know who wrote the quotes below, but it wasnt me.
No harm done tho, just want to see the right person get
credit. {8-] spike

John M Grigg wrote:

> Spike [didn't] wrote:
> How about "who value ideas other than what some think are the
> limits of exptropian ideas"? The above makes it sound like
> there is precisely this opposition and fundamental incompatible
> that I don't agree exists or not as widely as is often assumed.
> (end)
> ...
> Spike [didn't] wrote:
> Some of us don't buy that the future we dream of can be acheived
> by only science, technology and a fairly rigidly defined
> rationality. We are after any and all means that are a help and
> especially after a unifying vision.
> (end)

In fact I disagree with this comment. The future *I* dream of *can*
be acheived by *only* science. Science alone is the way to get there.
Ive tried the other path and found it wanting. spike [I did write this.] s

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