Re: Debunking Synchronicity

Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 00:22:00 MDT

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<< Why? (Apologies to Samantha here: she has
 made it clear that she does have a lot of beliefs that are
 pretty far away from materialism---beliefs not supported by
 any scientific theories.)
 So can anyone explain what is going on?
 Lee >>

Evolutionary Adaptation. There may be some genetic benefit to thinking in a
limited array of irrationality.

Neural Chemistry is enhanced slightly, as an additional survival trait-as
listed above.

The Vision Thing. Why pursue things if one isn't hopeful?

Tangential subject-Not to be a pisshead-but should we be concerned that a
limited amount of bench scientists seem attracted to this philosophy?

Statement of fact-most people on this list, the prominent ones at least, are
highly, optimistic, and energetically, visionary, without reference to
"spirituality". Perhaps, genetics and upbringing have a role to play here
too? So maybe this is also an evolutionary 'success-story' along with the,
the starry-eyed irrationalists?

As for myself, I dunno. I mean, I tend to be a hard-edged materialist, yet I
am also willing to consider as partially, valid, some non-atheistic aspects,
that may end up being a subset of the potentially, detectable, truth. If it
provides happiness and comfort, I ain't about to turn down a good buzz @@

So far, neither other-worldly stuff, or Ayn Randian Postivism do the trick.


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