RE: Sorry (in retrospect)

From: Lee Corbin (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 00:25:51 MDT

The recent exchange about the unknown person who, with
extreme rudeness, attacked a contributor offline sounded
very familiar somehow. Then it hit me:

The Boys: "Ma'am tell us the name of the skunk what
           said that."

Miss B: "Oh, no, I really don't think I should."

The Boys: "Now Ma'am, we really do think that ya oughta,
           'cause the varmint is just going to commit the
           dastardly deed on some other poor unsuspecting

Miss B: "Oh, I just couldn't!"

The Boys: "Ma'am, we ain't going to hurt the weasel,"
           (fondles rope), "much. You just go on and
           tell us his name, please."

Miss B: "Oh, no, I'm sorry. But I really cannot" (eyeing
           the rope)

The Boys: "Well, Ma'am, okay, but we're going to find the
           low-down no good rotten scalawag sooner or later"
           (riding off in a great cloud of dust)

Too bad we didn't find out who did it. An on-line lynching
would be great fun to see. (And I'm lampooning no one here
more than myself, as I was one of those who off-line inquired
as to his identity, arguing that revealing who was responsible
really would have been the right thing to do.)


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