Re: The Extropian Religious War

From: Natasha Vita-More (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 09:26:41 MDT

At 01:04 AM 7/11/01 -0700, Samantha wrote:

>>Natasha Vita-More wrote:

>> When Tiberius Gracchus wrote on a parallel thread "...the churches are
>> typically packed with the elderly and sick superstitious, trying to get to
>> the next world...."

>That has not been my experience at all. I have met very vibrant
>and engaged people in churches as well as outside them. I have
>met far more open-hearted and deeply motivated to change the
>world people in churches/religions than outside them.

Yes. In fact, one of my bothers who was at Extor-5 is a Christian who
goes to church and he is someone who I adore and admire his accomplishments
in the medical profession. But he is only one of the many outstanding
people who I know who are religious and attend church.

>>spirituality are
>> not backward and unintelligent. Many are creative and highly intelligent
>> and who simply see things a different way because of deeply ingrained
>> belief systems, early imprinting, fear of the unknown, social conditioning,
>> professional affiliation, or simply like the music, atmosphere and wine.
>Some of us don't buy that the future we dream of can be acheived
>by only science, technology and a fairly rigidly defined
>rationality. We are after any and all means that are a help and
>especially after a unifying vision.

I agree with you. I don't buy this. It makes the future quite cold and
indifferent. I think that some memes got started early on prescribing a
view that technology and rational were the source for future survival.
What about creativity, curiosity, joy, desire, love of life! :-) What I do
invest in is the fact that it takes vision, creativity, emotions, musings,
etc. to even be able to envision a future full of possibilities.

>Some of us are there because we grok the deep transcendent
>energy present and the caring openness and find it a very
>fertile place to sow extropian memes. <g>
>It really isn't an either/or im my book and experience.
>> Unless and until those who petition their particular religions views to
>> impede the direction, progress and accomplishments of extropian
>> transhumanist views, the only war is within the domain of rigidity.


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