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From: Max More (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 09:17:44 MDT

At 04:49 AM 7/11/01, Greg Burch wrote:
>I'm preoccupied with work and other projects for the time being, so have
>been doing less than even skimming the list for some time. Meanwhile,
>someone asked me to check whether folks on the extropians list have any
>insight into this company:

I hadn't heard of this company before. This is from

"NanoPierce Technologies, Inc. of Denver, Colorado, USA, is traded on the
Nasdaq stock market (OTCBB:NPCT - news) as well as on the Frankfurt and
Hamburg (OTC:NPI - news). In addition to the 12 patents it owns, NanoPierce
has numerous applications pending, others in preparation, and various other
intellectual properties related to NanoPierce's proprietary NCS (NanoPierce
Connection System). This advanced system is designed to provide significant
improvement over conventional electrical and mechanical interconnection
methods for high-density circuit boards, components, sockets, connectors,
semiconductor packaging and electronic systems. "

Caution #1: This is a bulletin board stock. Investing in these is
especially risky. Caution #2: Insiders have lately been selling plenty,
even though the stock is priced in cents not dollars. Caution #3: Going
only by the above description, they are not doing anything remotely unique.
It isn't clear to me that this is anything to do with nanotechnology.



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