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From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 07:47:08 MDT

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:
> >... Is Amara's strong acceptance of the events around her
> > best explained by her unconsciously arranging those events to give
> > her what she needs, or by her unconsciously deciding after the fact
> > that whatever happened must have been what she needed?
>To deal with the question of "is it *true*" one has to deal
>with the question of the "frame of reference". There are
>three realities:
>(a) The reality of ones personal experience. ...
>(b) The reality of shared experiences. ...
>(c) The physical reality. ...

Relativize the question as you wish, but the question(s) still remain.

> > But the smell of garlic? I fear that seeing great wisdom in
> > that is most likely wishful thinking.
>Not so. I believe garlic has recently been shown to be a metal
>chelator. If so, it should have health promoting effects. The
>"wisdom" here may be simply cultural wisdom passed from generation
>to generation as a result of the better health of ones ancestors.

OK, but this wasn't the sense of "wisdom" I read Amara as saying.

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