Re: Debunk All Religiosity Equally (D.A.R.E.)

From: Robin Hanson (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 08:03:22 MDT

J. R. Molloy forwarded:
>Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought
>by Pascal Boyer
>Unlike other books offering "scientific" explanations for religion, this one
>actually details the common strands running through spiritual concepts and
>feelings, rather than using science to simply explain away religion. Employing
>the latest findings of evolutionary psychology and cognitive science, Boyer
>shows why religious ideas make sense to humans and explains just which ideas
>are acceptable.
>Format: Hardcover, 300pp.
>ISBN: 0465006957
>Publisher: Basic Books
>Pub. Date: May 2001

I started this book yesterday, am 91 pages into it now, and it is WONDERFUL!
Up there with the best books I've ever read. More when I've finished it.

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