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From: Russell Blackford (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 03:37:18 MDT

Samantha sez to Merriss:

>Don't let some phony claiming to speak for the list scare you
>away. I like having you here. As long as you get something out
>of being here please stay.

And so I sez:

Is there a way we can tell whether Merriss stayed long enough to get all
these messages of support? Conversely, Merriss, are you out there?

Earth to Merriss, Earth to Merriss, are you receiving transmission?

If you are, then for Ghod's sake stay. Speaking as a nasty atheistic,
materialist, "reductionist" (whatever the hell that really means, but I see
Margaret Somerville has just published an article making clear that I am
one, Ghod bless her neo-Luddite heart, so I'll take it as a compliment),
individualist, technolibertarian (and lawyer, which many would consider
worst of all), I for one *like* to have a bit of diversity of ideas floating
around. Not that Merriss seemed all that out of place amongst us nasty
atheistic etceteras anyway.

If we think she's gone, is there a way she can be followed up? I'd write to
her offlist myself but (a) I'm too new here to speak for the list; (b) given
the maverick character of most of us, I doubt that *anyone* could speak for
the list; and (c) I'm ruthless about deleting e-mails and it'd be a hassle
finding her address again. I might try to do so anyway.

This is the sort of incident that gives the cyberculture and so-called
technolibertarians a bad name with mainstream culture, so I hope it can
followed up. :(


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